Elliot Kendra - A Merciful Fate

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Автор: Elliot Kendra
Название: A Merciful Fate
Жанр: Триллер
Издательский дом: Montlake Romance
Год издания: 2019
Raised by preppers, survivalist and FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick has a deep-rooted need for a safe place. Her getaway in the Cascade Foothills is her secret. But when skeletal remains are unearthed—those of a murdered man linked to a notorious heist—Mercy realizes she isn’t the only one with something to hide.Thirty years ago, an armored-car robbery turned deadly. The mastermind was captured. Four conspirators vanished with a fortune. One of them, it appears, never made it out of the woods alive. For Mercy and her fiancé, Police Chief Truman Daly, their investigation opens old ...


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Elliot Kendra
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