Фаллада Ханс - Wolf Among Wolves

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Автор: Фаллада Ханс
Название: Wolf Among Wolves
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
s is a sprawling saga of the collapse of a culture--its economy and government--and the common man's struggle to survive it all. Set in Weimar Germany soon after Germany's catastrophic loss of World War I, the story follows a young gambler who loses all in Berlin, then flees the chaotic city, where worthless money and shortages are causing pandemonium. Once in the countryside, however, he finds a defeated German army that has deamped there to foment insurrection. Somehow, amidst it all, he finds romance--it's in a European setting.Fast-moving as a thriller, fascinating as the best historical fiction, and with lyrical prose that packs a powerful emotional punch, Wolf Among Wolves is the equal of Fallada's acclaimed as an immensely absorbing work of important literature.


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Фаллада Ханс
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