Ферранте Элена - The Beach at Night

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Автор: Ферранте Элена
Название: The Beach at Night
Жанр: Детская проза
Elena Ferrante returns to a story that animated the novel she considers to be a turning point in her development as a a writer: The Lost Daughter. But this time the tale takes the form of a children’s fable told from the point of view of the lost (stolen!) doll, Celina. Celina is having a terrible night, one full of jealousy for the new kitten, Minù, feelings of abandonment and sadness, misadventures at the hands of the beach attendant, and dark dreams. But she will be happily found by Mati, her child, once the sun rises.Accompanied by the oneiric illustrations of Mara Cerri, The Beach at Night is a story for all of Ferrante’s many ardent fans.


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Ферранте Элена
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