Haywood John - Northmen, The Viking Saga 793-1241 AD

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Автор: Haywood John
Название: Northmen, The Viking Saga 793-1241 AD
Жанр: Научпоп
Издательский дом: Head of Zeus
Год издания: 2016
The violent and predatory society of Dark Age Scandinavia left a unique impact on the history of medieval Europe. From their chill northern fastness, Norse warriors, explorers and merchants raided, traded, and settled across wide areas of Europe, Asia and the North Atlantic from the late eighth to the mid-eleventh century. narrates their story, focusing on places where key events were played out, from the sack of Lindisfarne in 793 to the murder of the saga-writer Snorri Sturluson in Iceland in 1241. Such episodes are fascinating in themselves, but also shed crucial light on the nature of Viking activity – its causes, effects, and the reasons for its decline.In 800, the Scandinavians were barbarians in longships bent on plunder and rapine; by 1200, their homelands were an integral part of Latin Christendom. John Haywood tells, in authoritative but compellingly readable fashion, the extraordinary story of the Viking Age.


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Haywood John
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Northmen, The Viking Saga 793-1241 AD