Хейер Джорджетт - The Quiet Gentleman

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Автор: Хейер Джорджетт
Название: The Quiet Gentleman
Жанр: Исторический детектив
Год издания: 1951
Gervase Frant, Lord St. Erth, heir to broad acres and an ancient and variegated pile known as Stanyon, returns from the Napoleonic Wars to find he is something less than welcome in the ancestral bosom. His widowed stepmother would greatly have preferred his glorious death in battle on the Continent. She has no desire to relinquish her position, and she has hoped that her own son Martin would inherit.The Earl, in his quiet way, quickly makes a conquest of two eligible young ladies on the scene, but it becomes almost immediately apparent that someone at Stanyon would prefer to have him die by a means more sudden than old age.Georgette Heyer's comical genius never fails to deliver delight.


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Хейер Джорджетт
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