Хилл Джерри - Kara’s Moon

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Автор: Хилл Джерри
Название: Kara’s Moon
Жанр: Современные любовные романы
Ginny Harrison wasn’t ready for marriage so she left Seattle and Phil behind to live with her grandmother in the Wenatchee mountains of Washington, hoping to figure out what was missing in her relationship with Phil.There, she meets up-and-coming artist Kara Morgan, who is renting a cabin for the summer.An unlikely friendship develops between the two. Kara, a loner by nature, intends to spend the summer sketching and painting.Instead, she finds herself increasingly attracted to the younger woman.  Ginny, too, is drawn to the quiet artist and finds her thoughts moving in an entirely different direction than friendship.She finally finds what’s been missing in her life.


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Хилл Джерри
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