Манкелль Хеннинг - The Pyramid

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Автор: Манкелль Хеннинг
Название: The Pyramid
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
A collection of storiesThe missing piece of the internationally bestselling Kurt Wallander mystery series: the story of Wallander's beginnings, told in five gripping short mysteries."What happened to Wallander before the series began?…Several years ago, right when I was done with the fifth book, Sidetracked, I realized that I had started to write stories in my head that took place long before the start of the series." – from Henning Mankell's forewordAt last, a key addition to the Kurt Wallander mystery series: the book of short mysteries that takes us back to the beginning. ...


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Манкелль Хеннинг
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