McGinnis Mark - The Simpleton

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Автор: McGinnis Mark
Название: The Simpleton
Жанр: Космоопера
Издательский дом: Avenstar Productions
Год издания: 2016
Unbeknownst to simpleton Cuddy Perkins, his dependable, uneventful, life was about to be turned completely upside down.It’s a moonless summer night when a severely damaged intergalactic spacecraft enters Earth’s upper orbit. The alien pilot is desperate. Needs to hold up long enough to make repairs—before his pursuers find him.Cuddy Perkins lives a simple life with his mother, his dog Rufus, and a scattering of farm animals that still inhabit their old, dilapidated, Woodbury Tennessee ranch. He was used to the insults; retard… simpleton… village idiot. Momma says to just ignore them… people can be heartless. But Cuddy already knew he had been different, ever since the accident back when he was seven. He didn’t know how long ago that was, exactly, but he did know he was pretty big now—taller than his older brother, Kyle… who was in prison, and the Woodbury Sherriff—the man who put him there.


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McGinnis Mark
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The Simpleton