Némirovsky Irène - Les Mouches D’automne

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Автор: Némirovsky Irène
Название: Les Mouches D’automne
Жанр: Современная проза
Irène Némirovsky: Prix Renaudot 2004 pour Suite française.A Chekhovian study of a Russian family's decline. Tatiana, an elderly servant, watches helplessly as the aristocratic Karines, who have had to flee Moscow after the Revolution, lose first their money, then their self-respect. With its cool, understated prose and sharp psychological accuracy, this is perfect for a train journey a reminder of what good writing can achieve in a very few words. -New York Times***Tatiana Ivanovna a consacré sa vie entière à ses maîtres, les Karine, qu'elle a vu naître et grandir. ...


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Némirovsky Irène
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