Моравиа Альберто - Conjugal Love

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Автор: Моравиа Альберто
Название: Conjugal Love
Жанр: Современная проза
Издательский дом: Signet
Год издания: 1952
When Silvio, a rich Italian dilettante, and his beautiful wife agree to move to the country and forgo sex so that he will have the energy to write a successful novel, something is bound to go wrong: Silvio's literary ambitions are far too big for his second-rate talent, and his wife Leda is a passionate woman. Antonio, the local barber who comes every morning to shave Silvio, sparks off this dangerously combustible situation when Leda accuses him of trying to molest her. Silvio obstinately refuses to dismiss him, and the quarrel and its shattering consequences put the couple's love to the test.Alberto Moravia earned his international reputation with frank, finely-observed stories of love and sex at all levels of society. In this new English translation of , he explores an imperiled relationship with his customary unadorned style, psychological penetration, and narrative art.


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Моравиа Альберто
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