Ниммо Дженни - The Snow Spider

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Автор: Ниммо Дженни
Название: The Snow Spider
Жанр: Фэнтези
Gwyn never thought of himself as a magician. Mostly he was just a regular boy with an irregular family — a nervous mother, a half-dotty grandmother, a sister missing for four years, and a father who blames him relentlessly for his sister's disappearance.But on his tenth birthday, Gwyn's grandmother gives him five unusual gifts. "Time to find out if you are a magician, Gwyn. Time to remember your ancestors. If you have inherited the power, you can use it to get your heart's desire."How could he use a brooch, a piece of dried seaweed, a scarf, and a tin whistle? And what of the small, broken horse with the wild expression, wearing the tag Dim hon. Not this. Gwyn is a dangerous magician until he learns the self-reliance and understanding his magic requires.Jenny Nimmo has woven a vividly imagined, unearthly world into the realities of family relationships, friendship, and love lost and regained.


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Ниммо Дженни
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