Ноэль Элисон - Radiance

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Автор: Ноэль Элисон
Название: Radiance
Жанр: Фэнтези
Riley Bloom left her sister, Ever, in the world of the living and crossed the bridge into the afterlife — a place called Here, where time is always Now. Riley and her dog, Buttercup, have been reunited with her parents and are just settling into a nice, relaxing death when she's summoned before The Council. They let her in on a secret — the afterlife isn't just an eternity of leisure; Riley has to work. She's been assigned a job, Soul Catcher, and a teacher, Bodhi, a curious boy she can't quite figure out. Riley, Bodhi, and Buttercup return to earth for her first assignment, a Radiant Boy who's been haunting a castle in England for centuries. Many Soul Catchers have tried to get him to cross the bridge and failed. But he's never met Riley…


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Ноэль Элисон
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