П. Мелисса - The Scent of Your Breath

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Автор: П. Мелисса
Название: The Scent of Your Breath
Жанр: Современная проза
Издательский дом: Black Cat
Год издания: 2006
The Scent of Your Breath, the second instalment in the Melissa P.’s series of confessions, is a stirring tale of obsessive love and destructive passion. Melissa, desperate for love and willing to do anything to find it, is now a successful writer in Rome, living with her new lover, Thomas. But as soon as she meets Viola, a woman from Thomas’s past, sexual passion and insecurity mount in tandem, and Melissa is consumed with jealousy. Written as a confessional letter to her mother, the story that follows is one of dark obsession, violent lust, and soul-destroying talent. Driven by Melissa’s singular voice — that unique and compelling combination of impetuous naivety and poetic sophistication that has mesmerised readers in thirty-one countries — The Scent of Your Breath blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy and delves deep into the disturbing yet strangely familiar mind of a teenage girl terrorised by love.


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П. Мелисса
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The Scent of Your Breath