Робертс Адам - Yellow Blue Tibia

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Автор: Робертс Адам
Название: Yellow Blue Tibia
Жанр: Альтернативная история
Издательский дом: Gollancz
Год издания: 2009
Russia, 1946, the Nazis recently defeated. Stalin gathers half a dozen of the top Soviet science fiction authors in a dacha in the countryside somewhere. Convinced that the defeat of America is only a few years away, and equally convinced that the Soviet Union needs a massive external threat to hold it together, to give it purpose and direction, he tells the writers: ‘I want you to concoct a story about aliens poised to invade earth… I want it to be massively detailed, and completely believable. If you need props and evidence to back it up, then we can create ...


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Робертс Адам
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Yellow Blue Tibia