Рослунд Андерс - Box 21 aka The Vault

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Автор: Рослунд Андерс
Название: Box 21 aka The Vault
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
When a severely wounded woman is brought to a hospital in Stockholm, doctors are horrified to learn that her injuries are the result of a brutal whipping. She is Lydia, a victim of people-trafficking, a young girl from Lithuania sold by her boyfriend and now trapped in a Stockholm brothel, forced to repay her 'debt'. In the same hospital, police officer Sven Sundkvist and senior officer Ewert Grens are chasing a lead that may just expose a notorious mafia boss, a dangerous man Grens hates with a vengeance. Two stories of passionate reprisal twist together, ending in a dramatic climax: two bullet-riddled bodies and a room full of hostages in the hospital's basement. But in the cold light of day, will Sven protect the senior officer he so admires, even from his own corruption?


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Рослунд Андерс
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