Са Шань - The Girl Who Played Go

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Автор: Са Шань
Название: The Girl Who Played Go
Жанр: Современная проза
“Explosive… Poignant and shattering… While [the] climax is inevitable and the stories lead directly toward it, a reader is still shocked and horrified when it occurs.” -The Boston Globe“Shan Sa creates a sense of foreboding that binds the parallel tales of her protagonists. Her measured prose amplifies the isolation amid turmoil that each character seems to inhabit.” – San Francisco Chronicle“Dreamy… powerful… This unlikely love story… is beautiful, shocking, and sad.” – Entertainment Weekly“Compelling… Emotionally charged chapters evoke the stop-and-start rhythms of adolescence… Sa handles the intersection of the personal and the political quite deftly.” – ...


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Са Шань
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