Саберхаген Фред - A Matter of Taste

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Автор: Саберхаген Фред
Название: A Matter of Taste
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
He was once called Dracula, but in Chicago in our day he is known as Matthew Maule. John Southerland, like the rest of the Southerland family, calls him Uncle Matthew. After all he's an Old Friend of the Family and he has risked his un-life more than once to protect the Southerlands. But with Matthew rendered comatose by a feindish plot from beyond time, the Southerlands must rise to his defense - and battle five hundred years worth of Dracula's enemies.From Publishers WeeklyTaking a break from his successful Berserker and Book of Lost Swords series, ...


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Саберхаген Фред
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