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Автор: Шустерман Нил
Название: Scorpion Shards
Жанр: Социальная фантастика
Six teenagers are horrified to discover that an evil force has taken control of them . . . a force that feeds on them hungrily and finds its only outlet in the blind desire to destroy. The force must be destroyed. But how? What follows is the ultimate battle for supremacy between the forced of good and evil.— “Shusterman’s unique vision, suspenseful pacing, and empathy with teen’s not-so-nice emotions will draw readers into this fabulous tale just as inexorably as its protagonists are impelled to find one another and discover the source of their malaises. A spellbinder.” — — “Shusterman combines personal quest, horror, and science fiction into an absorbing exploration of good and evil, guilt, forgiveness, and personal responsibility.” — — “Readers [will] wish for a sequel to tell more about these interesting and unusual characters.” —


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Шустерман Нил
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