Славникова Ольга - The Man Who Couldnt Die

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Автор: Славникова Ольга
Название: The Man Who Couldnt Die
Жанр: Новелла
Издательский дом: Columbia University Press
Год издания: 2019
In the chaos of early-1990s Russia, the wife and stepdaughter of a paralyzed veteran conceal the Soviet Union’s collapse from him in order to keep him—and his pension—alive until it turns out the tough old man has other plans. Olga Slavnikova’s tells the story of how two women try to prolong a life—and the means and meaning of their own lives—by creating a world that doesn’t change, a Soviet Union that never crumbled.After her stepfather’s stroke, Marina hangs Brezhnev’s portrait on the wall, edits the Pravda articles ...


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Славникова Ольга
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The Man Who Couldnt Die