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Автор: Спинрад Норман
Название: Bug Jack Barron
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Издательский дом: Walker & Co.
Год издания: 1969
TV megastar Jack Barron hosts the wildly popular , a phone-in show that listens to public gripes and puts politicians and bosses on the spot—live. Naturally Barron pulls his punches for safety’s sake… until he tangles with paranoid billionaire Benedict Howards, peddler of cryonic immortality, and walks into a minefield of deadly cover-ups. Violence erupts. Howards believes he can buy anyone, even Barron's estranged wife, even Barron. Barron doesn't mind selling out if the coin is immortality. On TV, the power remains all his:The Foundation’s medical secret—poor science but still packing a vicious gut-punch—...


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Спинрад Норман
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