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Уотерхаус Кейт - Soho or Alex in Wonderland

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Автор: Уотерхаус Кейт
Название: Soho or Alex in Wonderland
Жанр: Современная проза
Since this is a work of fiction, I have permitted myself certain inexactitudes. For example, the Soho Waiters’ Race does not immediately precede the Soho Ball.The setting is obviously real, as are most of the streets, although some are not. Most of the locations are made up; real ones appear only when they have an innocuous role to play. Most of the characters are fictitious and bear the usual non-resemblance to any person living — I will not necessarily add to any person dead. Where real personages appear they have only walk-on parts.K.W.


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Уотерхаус Кейт
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Soho or Alex in Wonderland

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