Campbell F - Chain of Jedrah

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Автор: Campbell F
Название: Chain of Jedrah
Жанр: Эротика, Секс
A hi-jacked plane forced aground in the desert land of Jedrah. Four girls trudging over the sand dunes in a lonely search for something they do not find. This is the beginning of F.E. Campbell’s latest story of a maiden enslaved by the anger of a ruthless man and by her own destiny.It is a story of vengeance and of power through which the courage of the girl called Stacie carries her through punishment and bondage, the wearing of her slave girl chains, and the scarlet striations of the whip, into the discovery of a world of vivid passion and lustful cruelty from which she emerges virtuous in her mind, but wearing forever the marks of Jedrah upon her flesh and within her heart.


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Campbell F
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