Campbell F - Golden Wrists

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Автор: Campbell F
Название: Golden Wrists
Жанр: Эротика, Секс
To read an F. E. Campbell novel is to enter another world: a world filled with lust, pain, intrigue, agony and ecstasy. The author gives his tales of maiden woe a decidedly English twist. It is here that the eternal damsel in distress finds herself presented in sympathetic fashion to a cruel modern world, where she must deal with the physical and psychological aspects of loving restraint.HOM is proud to present the latest volume in this distinguished series of books. We are confident that Campbell’s Hit series will excite you as no other paperbacks have. Each novel will leave you wishing it would never end. The action is nonstop, the plots are intricate and exciting, and the characters are unique and colorful.The cover illustration, by the late Robert Bishop, has been selected from the HOM archives.


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Campbell F
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Golden Wrists