Durrell Lawrence - A Smile in the Minds Eye

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Автор: Durrell Lawrence
Название: A Smile in the Minds Eye
Жанр: Путешествия и география
Издательский дом: Open Road Media
Год издания: 2012
Beginning with their first meeting over lunch at Lawrence Durrell’s Provencal home, Durrell and Jolan Chang — renowned Taoist philosopher and expert on Eastern sexuality — developed an enduring relationship based on mutual spiritual exploration. Durrell’s autobiographical rumination on their friendship and on Taoism recounts the author’s existential ponderings, starting with his introduction to the mystical and enigmatic “smile in the mind’s eye.” From parsimony, cooking, and yoga to poetry, Petrarch, and Nietzche, is a charming tale of a writer’s spiritual and philosophical awakening.


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Durrell Lawrence
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