Grecian Alex - The Blue Girl

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Автор: Grecian Alex
Название: The Blue Girl
Жанр: Исторический детектив
Издательский дом: Penguin Group US
Год издания: 2013
From the author of the nationally bestselling suspense novel and its sequel , both novels of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad, comes a short story of the Squad, a cautionary tale: Be careful what you wish for.October 1889: Constable Colin Pringle is a man of few illusions, but there is something about the girl in the canal, her skin a delicate shade of blue, that bothers him more than he expected it would. Perhaps it’s because Dr. Kingsley’s forensic examination suggests that she was a just-married bride. Someone needs to find out just who she was and what happened to her, Pringle decides, and he sets out to do exactly that. But the answers will not be anything like what he expects. In fact, they will shake his view of the world to the core.


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