McNab Claire - Kookaburra Gambit

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Автор: McNab Claire
Название: Kookaburra Gambit
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
"A romping good time!"-LesbiaNation.com on The Wombat StrategyOwning half a detective agency is not as exciting as it sounds when your partner won't let you solve any cases. Transplanted Aussie Kylie Kendall is frustrated as all get out, and she spends most of her time hanging out with her receptionist and sampling the Los Angeles nightlife. But that's about to change. Twins Alf and Chica Hartnidge, the hosts of Australia's hit children's television show The Oz Mob, hire Kylie to find out who's smuggling opals into the United States inside their Kelvin Kookaburra plush toys. A syndication deal and a load of money are riding on whether Kylie will shut down the smugglers, but a murder (or two) makes the stakes even higher.


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McNab Claire
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