McNab Claire - Quokka Question

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Автор: McNab Claire
Название: Quokka Question
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
Praise for The Wombat Strategy:"We can't help loving sleuth Kylie Kendall… [she] is such a charmer, we'll follow her wherever her brunette ambitions take her."-Girlfriends"The first of what I hope will be lots and lots of mysteries featuring the oh-so-cute Aussie dyke, Kylie Kendall."-She"Saucy, witty, and blessed with a healthy dose of Aussie tenacity, Kendall is everything a girl could want in a lead character."-LesbiaNation.comKylie Kendall is hired for a routine security detail to prevent an academic rival from disrupting Dr. Oscar Braithwaite's keynote address at UCLA's ...


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McNab Claire
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