Rowland Laura - Bundori: A Novel Of Japan

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Автор: Rowland Laura
Название: Bundori: A Novel Of Japan
Жанр: Исторический детектив
From Publishers WeeklyBrutal murders linked to an ancient betrayal send late 17th-century Tokyo into a panic. They also spell big trouble for the Shogun's special investigator, Sano Ichiro, in this sequel to Rowland's well-received first novel, Shinju. The killings are made known when the severed heads of the victims are put on public display, in the manner of an ancient custom known as bundori, or war trophy. The victims are descendants of warriors who, more than a century earlier, were involved in the murder of a powerful warlord. As the killings continue, Sano, though hampered in his ...


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Rowland Laura
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