Ryman Geoff - Lust Or No Harm Done

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Автор: Ryman Geoff
Название: Lust Or No Harm Done
Жанр: Современная проза
From Publishers Weekly"Reality's got a hole in it." That's what runs through Michael Blasco's head when he discovers that he has the uncanny ability to bring his fantasies to life in this wacky, inspired third novel by Ryman (Was). The 38-year-old gay protagonist is a government scientist experimenting on baby chicks and has a flat in London 's West End with Phil, his passionless boyfriend. While seething on a subway platform, he imagines the beefy trainer at his gym stripping naked right in front of him-and poof-it happens! Terrified at first, Michael quickly regains his composure and ...


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  Ryman Geoff
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