Ryman Geoff - Pol Pots Beautiful Daughter

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Автор: Ryman Geoff
Название: Pol Pots Beautiful Daughter
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter is an exemplary story that sweeps up an entirely novel lane to transverse and exceed the boundaries of archetypal ghost stories. Sith is moneyed and supremely fine looking but the haunting of her Cambodian past refuses to let her be, tormenting her until she takes note of their unbidden laments. Geoff Ryman writes in charmed fashion to plant a new and almost welcome face to poltergeist. -Eugen Bacon, Fictionwise Recommender***In Cambodia people are used to ghosts. Ghosts buy newspapers. They own property.A few years ago, spirits owned a house in ...


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Ryman Geoff
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