Shaogong Han - A Dictionary of Maqiao

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Автор: Shaogong Han
Название: A Dictionary of Maqiao
Жанр: Современная проза
From Publishers WeeklyMaqiao, a fictitious rural village lost in the vitals of Mao's Communist empire, is to Han's magical novel what Macondo is to One Hundred Years of Solitude-a place in which the various brutalities and advances of contemporary history are transformed within the "fossil seams" of popular myth. Han adopts the rules of the dictionary to the rules of fiction, distributing mini-sagas of rural bandits, Daoist madmen and mixed up Maoists across the definitions of terms with special meaning in Maqiao. Han, narrator as well as author, is sent to Maqiao as part of a cadre ...


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Shaogong Han
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