Де Сантис Пабло - The Paris Enigma

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Автор: Де Сантис Пабло
Название: The Paris Enigma
Жанр: Триллер
An elegant, atmospheric literary thriller that will delight fans of 'The Interpretation of Murder' and 'The Shadow of the Wind'In late nineteenth century Europe, Jack the Ripper stalks the streets of London and the city of Paris marvels at a new spectacle: the Eiffel Tower. As visitors are drawn to glimpse the centrepiece in an exhibition of wonderful scientific creation, another momentous gathering is taking place in the city. Twelve of the world's greatest sleuths have gathered to dicuss their most famous cases and debate the nature of mystery. When one of them is found viciously murdered, however, the symposium becomes an elite task force dedicated to solving the outrage. For a young apprentice detective, Sigmund Salvatorio, this is the chance to realize a dream of working with some of the finest criminologists to ever practice. But as, one by one, members of the committee fall prey to the mysterious killer, the dream becomes a shocking nightmare!


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Де Сантис Пабло
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