Де Сантис Пабло - Voltaires Calligrapher

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Автор: Де Сантис Пабло
Название: Voltaires Calligrapher
Жанр: Историческая проза
Dalessius is twenty when he comes to work for one of the Enlightenment's most famous minds, the author and philosopher Voltaire. As the great man's calligrapher, Dalessius becomes witness to many wonders – and finds himself in the middle of a secret battle between the malevolent remnants of the all-but-dead Dark Ages and the progressive elements of the modern age. The calligrapher's role in this shadowy conflict will carry him to many perilous places – through the gates of sinister castles and to the doors of a bizarre bordello; toward life-and death confrontations with inventive henchmen, ingenious mechanical execution devices, poisonous fish, and murderous automatons. As the conspiracy to halt the Enlightenment's astonishing progress intensifies, young Dalessius's courage – as well as Voltaire's unique cunning and wit – are put to the ultimate test as they strive to ensure the survival of the future.


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Де Сантис Пабло
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